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Advancing Your Entrepreneurial Life

Momentum is built through clarity and confidence


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Sleepless Nights Suck...

As a successful Entrepreneur, do you still strugle with:

  • Not having anyone to discuss deep issues and ideas with
  • Properly communicating your thoughts effectively to your team and clients
  • Breaking through to the next level
  • Always supporting your team, yet not feeling supported
  • Feelings that you're the only one that can get it done
  • Procrastination of your most important decisions
  • Not being able to afford a board of directors
  • Finding people who understand what entrepreneurial life is like

You Deserve a Break-Through Year!

Surrounding Entrepreneurs with
Clarity, Confidence and Community

Building Mindset, Momentum and Mastery

Coaching . Masterclasses

Virtual Advisory Board

Who Said
was easy?

We want to make your life better!

Peter Mohr

Coach and Founder

  • Over 25 years as an Entrepreneur
  • Retail, Contracting, Service, Brokering, Wholesale, Real Estate
  • Franchise or Independent


  • 10 one hour sessions of one-on-one dedicated coaching
  • Mentoring, coaching, advancing your Entrepreneurial life and business
  • Access to EC Tools


  • 4 Fullday quarterly live sessions
  • Small group sessions of like minded business owners
  • Interactive Learning
  • Monthly "Board" call
  • Access to EC Tools


  • Biweekly small group advisor meeting (60-minute video conference)
  • The group becomes a Virtual Board of Advisors
  • Moderated sessions for Advancement, Advice and Accountability
  • Groupthink Growth



1. Clarity

Put together a rock solid plan that's easy to communicate.

2. Confidence

Your coach and a community of like minded business owners will help you win!

3. Competence

Ongoing support, tools, programs and connections will allow you to grow as well as your team.

4. Cooperation

You no longer have to be alone in your decision making. Together we grow!

5. Capacity

The Entrepreneurial Counsel System prepares you for expansion. Our tools make it happen.

6. Creativity

Once your business is running smoothly, the creative juices start flowing. This is where it gets FUN!

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