Call Criteria

Web Service Interface Document

rev 2 12/10/2015
rev 3 11/30/2016
rev 4 07/10/2017

Once we have created an account for you, you will get a scorecards ID, an appname (name of your application within Call Criteria) and an API key. To POST data to us, you would add the appname and API key to the URL in this format:





Use the provided, via email, values to populate the data fields , and . The Scorecard Description is there to show which scorecard the ID belongs to.

The web service for Call Criteria is used to send records individually to our system without the need to upload data and/or audio files or referential data.


AddRecord Fields

The following fields are available, but not required, to post data to.
Feel free to check the items that you would like to add and then the sample post will populate below.
If the data you are posting does not have the same fields, but you would like to use an existing field feel free to map to that field using Other Data Items

Appname is provided to you when you signed up with Call Criteria. Every post must have an Appname associated with it.

The audio files will get renamed to the records ID.mp3

Use the integer provided to assign this record directly to a specific scorecard

Your agents name or ID. Used to sort and filter on the dashboard.

Group/Supervisor owning the agent. Can be filtered on dashboard.

Can be the agents full name instead of their ID. Not used to sort or filter.

Lead's first name

Lead's last name

Lead's first name

Lead's Phone

Lead's street address

City of Lead

State of Lead

Zip/postal code of lead

Program lead was interested in

Time of the call stored as 12/30/1899 + call length - 1899-12-30 00:01:03.000 for example.

Date the call/record was created

Type of Call

Is used as a filter on the dashboard.

Handle time of the call stored as 1/1/1899 + call length -- but is a string, so anything works!

Hold time of call

Talk time of the call stored as 1/1/1899 + call length -- but is a string, so anything works!

Full date and time the call was made display only.

List from which the call was originated

Result of the call.

Lead ID status

Leads internal profile ID

ID number from source system.

Another lead ID

Another lead ID

Lead Status

Insert lower numbers to have these reviewed earlier

Reference to the audio file -- ftp/sftp/http/https/etc. are all acceptable

Add as many audio files as needed one object

Add as many other data items one object see below

Add as many schools objects as needed one object

                                <CallCriteriaAPI.AddRecordData xmlns="">
                                	<!--Call Criteria will give data after sign up -->
                                	<SESSION_ID>String content</SESSION_ID>
                                	<!-- Agent level detail -->
                                	<AGENT>String content</AGENT>
                                	<AGENT_GROUP>String content</AGENT_GROUP>
                                	<AGENT_NAME>String content</AGENT_NAME>
                                	<!-- Customer level details -->
                                	<First_Name>String content</First_Name>
                                	<Last_Name>String content</Last_Name>
                                	<Email>String content</Email>
                                	<phone>String content</phone>
                                	<address>String content</address>
                                	<City>String content</City>
                                	<State>String content</State>
                                	<Zip>String content</Zip>