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Pay zero fees. No agents. No repairs, cleaning, or open houses.

Why Do We Love Buying homes in the Inland Empire?

We are from here.
Our team was born and raised in Riverside, Moreno Valley and Fontana.

We want to restore the community we all share.

We understand the quirks and uniqueness of living here and what your property is worth.

Our Process

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Our Promise

Traditional Sales

  • High Fees
  • Unpredictable Offers
  • Long sales process
  • Repairs and Cleanup hassle
  • Risk of buyer cancellation
  • Showing and open houses
  • Zero Fees
  • Cash Offer
  • Close at your pace
  • Sell As-Is
  • No Cleanup, repairs or showings
  • No listing, staging or stress

Large Corporation

  • You’re just a number
  • Hidden Fees and Costs
  • Not familiar with the area
  • Not interested in restoring the community
  • No transparency in process
  • Salesperson pressure to hit goals

When should you call us

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned houses.

Inherited property you can't keep.

Sudden or unexpected life events.

Vacant or problematic rental property.

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned houses.

Structural issues, unpermitted work or condemned houses.